terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

Annual International Meeting of the Institute of Human Virology

12th Annual International Meeting of the Institute of Human Virology of the University of Maryland School of Medicine

4 a 8 Outubro 2010, Itália

The Annual Meeting has a traditional emphasis on the biology of HIV/AIDS, including the perspectives of basic science, clinical science and new treatment and prevention approaches. In 2010 we are expanding the emphasis on vaccines to recognize the importance of this area and learn how recent successes may guide new directions in HIV vaccine research and development. International vaccine experts will describe vaccine immunogens that are moving through human clinical trials, efforts to define immune correlates of protection, possible applications for therapeutic vaccination and a range of vaccine delivery strategies that are bringing us closer, everyday, to effective protection from HIV disease. Recognizing the important parallels of HIV and cancer, we include discussions of cancer-causing viruses, new cancer vaccines and fundamental research in cancer. In developed countries, cancer is emerging as the leading cause of death for persons with HIV, and these fields are inexorably linked in terms of both science and medicine. We also emphasize the problems of HIV/AIDS in the developing world by inviting experts on the specific impacts of HIV/AIDS on sub-Saharan Africa.


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