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HIV/AIDS: Closing the Gap between Basic Research and Clinical Practice



Main Auditorium of Egas Moniz Building
22-23 January 2010
Instituto de Medicina Molecular | Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa

IMM gladly announces the symposium HIV/AIDS: Closing the Gap between Basic Research and Clinical Practice.
This Meeting aims at promoting the dialogue between researchers and clinicians on the most recent advances in the area of HIV/AIDS, focusing on aspects such as novel therapeutic approaches, vaccines, HIV pathogenesis and epidemiologic, viral and immunologic aspects of the infection.
We are confident that this meeting will be a relevant event in the research of HIV/AIDS in Portugal, fostering novel scientific and medical collaborative approaches.


Françoise Barré-Sinoussi | Institut Pasteur, France
Philipe Lemey | Belgium
Henrique de Barros | Faculdade de Medicina UP
Nuno Taveira| Faculdade de Farmácia UL
Jeremy Luban | Switzerland
João Gonçalves | Instituto de Medicina Molecular
Daria Hazuda | Merck Research Laboratories
Jamal Tazi | France
Olivier Schwartz | Institut Pasteur
José Miguel Pereira| Faculdade de Farmácia UL
Guido Silvestri | USA
Ana E. Sousa | Instituto de Medicina Molecular
Yves Levy | France
Norbert  Bischofberger | Gilead Pharmaceuthical
Miguel Castanho | Instituto de Medicina Molecular

Registration: 50€ (link)

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