quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2009

1st European Conference on MRSA disease

1st European Conference on MRSA disease
ISC Consensus Conference / Disease Management Series

 5 -  March 2010, Rome, Italy

 In collaboration with ESCMID, the ISC is co-organising this two day European Consensus meeting in Rome for a group of European Experts.
The aims of the meeting are for a group of Experts to meet and arrive at Consensus in 3 difficult areas of MRSA infection that we feel  need clarification. These are
  • MRSA Admission Screening
  • Staff Screening
  • Treatment of Serious Infections.

For further information please contact the conference organisers
Dr Ian M. Gould
Tel.  +44 1224 554954 E-mail:  i.m.gould@abdn.ac.uk
Prof. Evelina Tacconelli
Tel. +39 06 30155527 E-mail: etacconelli@rm.unicatt.it

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